The German Musical Instrument Price for the Walter Bassoon 1994

Among the competitors for the 1994 German musical instrument prize in the woodwind Instrument group, there were 5 German bassoon producers, participating with 1 instrument respectively.

The bassoon test series started with an objective test method, eliminating the layers influence on the instrumentlayers influence on the instrument.

The summarized objective testing results were rated 35% in the subsequent overall classification. Secondly, the workmanship of the bassoons was assessed by an expert in this field. The number of points acquired in the workmanship examination covered 20% of the overall final evaluation. The remaining 45% of the total evaluation comprise subjective test results, worked out by five famous musicians (Prof. Klaus Thunemann/ Hannover; Thomas Starke /Hamburg; Uwe Grothaus/ Hannover; Carsten Wilkening/ Frankfurt; Thomas Held/ Hannover). These tests were carried out in individual sessions in the PTB studios. At the beginning of the test, every musician had enough time to get used to the instrument and could try out different tube and s-bow combinations, while he was allowed to use his private set of s-bows. After the ideal combination had been found for a particular bassoon, the musician had to answer questions concerning sound, balance, response, intonation, sonority, dynamics, mech. performance etc. This test period was marked by considerably darkened room, i.e. only the music stand, with the test paper to be filled out, was visible; the instrument to be tested was, however, not distinguishable. This procedure was considered necessary to eliminate the possibility that the mere appearance, the identification of a particular brand of type of instrument could influence the player and his evaluation of the instrument.

With questions concerning the sound and technical characteristics answered, the studio lights were switched on. Then, the producer-stated peculiarities and the sales price of the instrument were read aloud. The last question in the test-paper served to judge these peculiarities as well as the fairness of price, i.e. the price-performance ratio.

In this subjective test with bassoon-players, your instrument was rated at 64.12 of 100 points; therefore it ranks foremost among all competing instruments. Rank 1 in: tone colour, balance, response, intonation, sonority and dynamics, mech. performance, appearance and fairness of price. Summing-up the results the Walter bassoon was rated at 95,55 of 100 points and was ranked on the first place.

Successful German Musical Instrument Price 1994 makes us very happy!

Some comments of the musicians speak for themselves: