Contrabassoon Kronwalt

There it is at last.

It was a long way, but at the IDRS Congress 2018 in Granada (Spain) we could finally present the new Kronwalt contrabassoon with a certain pride. Now, after this extremely successful premiere, orders can be accepted.

In order to continue the success of the Kronwalt bassoon presented in 2015 (a joint product of Rudolf Walter and Guntram Wolf), we developed this completely new contrabassoon together with Benedikt Eppelsheim.

Apart from the completely newly developed acoustic concept, another outstanding highlight of this instrument is its optional dismantlability, which makes it a genuine instrument suitable for travelling. We took it in our hand luggage (!) on the flight to Granada. Since the development of the modern contrabassoon around 130 years ago, this possibility of dismantling no longer existed, which is why we had it protected by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) for new products and, of course, for modifications.

The features:

  • completely redesigned drilling, tone hole and implementation concept in close and proven cooperation with Benedikt Eppelsheim (as with the Contraforte and Lupophone)
  • very even and full sound with good intonation
  • ergonomic and comfortable mechanic for both hands (also playable with small hands)
  • our connection technology for the wooden parts, which has already proven itself with the Contraforte and Lupophon: airtight due to O-rings, torsion-resistant, easy to dismantle for maintenance work and with predetermined breaking point, just in case
  • our long proven keywork system (LCBearing-System): wear-free, low-noise and highly functional
  • automatic moisture trap and additional, conventional water key
  • corpus completely made of wood (also the first drilling segment), partially lined
  • adjustable hand rest for the right hand
  • and much more

Optionale Ausstattung:

  • Teilbarkeit (handgepäcktauglich), mit Spannverschluss und spielfreier Klappenübertragung
  • hinterer As-Drücker
  • e/fis-Triller-Klappe
  • vorderer Es-Drücker (Zeigefinger)
  • hinterer Daumen-Es-Drücker (oberhalb B-Klappe)
  • vorderer B-Drücker
  • zusätzlicher vorderer B-Drücker und G-Drücker mit Rollen (französische Variante)
  • zusätzliche 1. Flageolettklappe mit Bowdenzugbetätigung (Ventil am S-Bogen)
  • zusätzliche 2. Flageolettklappe mit Bowdenzugbetätigung (Ventil am S-Bogen)
  • S-Bögen in verschiedenen Legierungen und Wandstärken
  • stufenlos verstellbarer Stachel mit rutschfester Gummikugel
  • verschiedene Koffer- und Gigbagsysteme (je nach Bedarf)
  • weitere Zusatzausstattung auf Anfrage


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