The instrument

What could be nicer than building an instrument and then making it sound good?

Walter Bassoons are made exclusively of sycamore maple, which is hand-selected and seasoned for over twelve years. Each instrument is created in many intricate steps with attention to detail, and develops its special sound through artistic craftsmanship.

This typical Walter-Sound, which becomes more intense and beautiful through the years, is highly acclaimed by musicians throughout the entire world. All Walter bassoons develop their own personality and fullness of sound through a perfect symbiosis of traditional classic craftsmanship and modern techniques.

Constant feedback from renowned musicians drives us to make detailed improvements and consequently, further innovations. Inventive ideas have been patented, such as our water-tight metal moisture trap and our specially developed wood impregnation process, preventing damage from cracks and warping. Finally, we are only satisfied if the musician is satisfied. Your wishes continue to lay the foundation for our new creations.